Saturday, June 6, 2009

Google Analytics and Finding Smart Friends

Today I signed up for Google Analytics, another free tool from Google. This will help me figure out how many visitors there are on my site. I expect it to be pretty dormant for awhile. I need to build up some more content before I heavily "get out there" and work at getting followers. When I'm at that point, I'll work harder at being a more clever "Laptop Guy." (And hopefully, I'll have figured out a more friendly-looking picture that says more than 'I'm too sexy for my motherboard')

However, I do want to start connecting with some experts, so I did a Google search on "Social Media for Writers." As usual, I came across an excellent resource, named (quite appropriately) Social Media For Writers (SMFW). Lots of great articles and resources on this site!

The author of this site, Donna Talarico, who has a blog, is on Twitter, and on Facebook....well, since she is a social media expert, this would be expected! I searched for Donna Talarico on Twitter and found three accounts, all of which I followed, both by Laptop Guy and with my "true" self, Yvette Francino.

Searching on Facebook, I found 5 Donna Talaricos, but I was able to deduce which was the right one based on the Scranton, PA location, which, of course, also happens to be the home of the Dunder Miflin Paper Company. (The Office is very popular amongst the Laptop community.)

I sent Donna a message on Facebook asking her to connect. If she does connect with me, she will be my first friend (other than Yvette, who really doesn't count.)

Now I'm off to add her blog link to my blog roll and read some of her content. It looks like she has some very informative articles!


  1. Hey! Thanks SO much for this great post. I am most definitely going to blog about this. I don't know why or how I didn't see this sooner. This is a perfect example of why it's so important to be up with search engines! This was the topic of my latest post! And the funny thing is -- I found YOUR post through Google Analytics, too. Look forward to reading more of your stuff and connecting with you!

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